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Domestica: Breaking In New Shoes

I am not a girly-girl.  I hate dresses, skirts and heels.  This isn’t to say that I’m not feminine.  I love blouses and cute tops.  I just tend to pair them with jeans.

I also have very problematic feet to shop for as a woman.  I’m a 9 1/2 wide on one foot, just over 9 wide with the other.  It’s not quite enough of a disparity to need two pairs, particularly with running shoes (my mainstay) or flip flops.  But dress shoes… ugh.  I have four pairs I’ve barely worn because I always end up with brutal blisters on my heels or the bottom of my feet.

In having recently acquired a new job, I am faced with the annoyance of business casual.  I already brutalized my heels for the interview and am still nursing them.  Since I must now find a way not to become homicidal over shoes, I thought I’d share some tips and tricks dug up around the internet.

1.  The tried and true many people suggest is wearing two pairs of socks to stretch out shoes and break them in.  One suggestion specifically states to wear an inside out pair, dust with talcum powder, then put on another pair as per normal on top.  This will work for home stretching or shoes where you can get away with socks, but it likely won’t help with strappy heels you need to wear tomorrow.

2.  Placing blister protection strips, bandaids or tape over places you expect will rub.  I think most of us have gone this route.  I know I did it for a long walk tonight to spare my healing feet.

3.  Placing athletic tape/duct tape/something inside the shoe itself to keep it from rubbing.  I’d wondered about this and am glad it’s not a foolish notion.  Others have also suggested a blister block stick product – like a deodorant stick for feet and blisters.

4.  Using Bodyglide or a similar product from a runner’s shop on feet prior to wearing.  I’m very keen to investigate, as this especially works for bare foot in shoe situations.

5.  Get enough money to order custom shoes.  Ha.


What do you do to break in your shoes?  How do you manage blistering?  Why do women’s shoes tend to suck for comfort?  Come tell me more and save me from painful hell.

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