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Weekly Spam: Money for ‘some Africa country’

It’s been well over a week since I’ve posted one of these, but in my defense, the pickings have been very generic lately.  This one, although a typical scam, is just special in its wording though – and it broke through Yahoo’s spam filter.  Would you like a cut of $95 Billion?  Read on!

From:  George Hendrick (george@btinternet.com)
To:  Undisclosed recipients

Address: Palais Des Nations, 1211 Geneva 10, Switzerland.

Reference to the recent meeting between the United Nations and the Africa Union to restore the dignity and Economy of the Africa.

Agreements were reached by these WORLD LEADERS, the secretary to the UNITED NATIONS and the World Bank to assistance and redeem the image of Africa by settling some Africa foreign debts.

WORLD LEADERS / UNITED NATIONS / WORLD BANK have map out the sum of US 95,000,000,000 (Ninety Five Billion United States Dollars) to be use in paying  some foreign contractors debts owed by some African countries.

I want to bring to you notice that your name was among the list submitted in my office by the UNITED NATIONS COMPENSATION COMMISSION (UNCC) as among those being owed by an Africa country and that is why am contacting you.

You are advised to contact the UN / World bank officer in-charge with your contract Number / Amount for reconfirmation and payment processing.

Contact Mr. George Hendrick of the UN LOANS CREDIT BANK.  Johannesburg, South Africa offices on this email address or fax number for clearance and directive for your payment.
Contact:     Accountant Mr. George Hendrick.
Email: georgehendrick@accountant.com
Johannesburg, South Africa
Tel: +27781349646 Fax: +27862120771

These are the two mode of payment.

Payments are either through direct BANK FUND DEPOSIT into beneficiary’s new opening account with UN LOANS CREDIT BANK in order to avoid wrong crediting of funds while BENEFICIARIES will do the online transfer of their funds with a TRANSFER PIN NUMBER by themselves to any account of their choice.

Or by an ATM VISA CREDIT CARD with PIN Number which will be sent to the beneficiaries address.

ATM Credit Card Modes of payments is the United Nations New Approved Means of Payment to Foreign debts. It’s RELIABLE / FAST / SAFE / SECURED and LIMITS CASH LAUNDARY.

You are advised choose one of the options and also to reconfirm / resend your full Name, telephone number / your contact sum to Accountant Mr. George Hendrick for payment processing.

Ms R. B. for: Mr. Ban Ki-Moon .Secretary (UNITED NATIONS).

My favourite parts? Calling it ‘the Africa’; ‘assistance and redeem the image of Africa by settling some Africa foreign debts’; oh yes, and ‘LIMITS CASH LAUNDARY.’  Bwahahahaha!  The @ accountant dot com email address for Georgie is pretty special, too, and absolutely believable – as believable as the United Nations paying random individual contractors by ATM.  *snort*

You know, spellcheck would be a huge help for these people.  It’s like they’re not even trying to fleece me!


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