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New Year’s Goals

I don’t know why I bother with these things, but screw it: here we go again! I’ll post quarterly updates on my progress!

1. Get down to first goal weight in time for engagement photos
2. Get down to second goal weight in time for wedding
3. Approach Sheena’s/similar places about running a group help session on volunteer basis for self-injurers.
4. Find job in my field this Spring after graduation
5. Change name legally, or choose not to and keep it informal – decide by wedding
6. Renew G1
7. Reduce number of email accounts as much as possible, because 7 is ridic.
8. Honour/celebrate each Wiccan holiday possible.
9. Learn more meditation skills.
10.  Pay down some debt – any debt!
11.  Get married OMFG
12. Reduce overall credit limits by $500+
13. Continue to reduce negativity and negative thinking in my life.
14. Stay in touch better with friends and family
15. Finish as much as I can of the 2011 Pop Culture Challenge (ie, rollover what’s left from 2011)
16. Blog at least weekly
17.  Delete my Facebook account.  Sounds weird, but it has to happen. the Timeline is just… I can’t anymore.
18.  Do something for New Year’s Eve.  It’s time.

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