Domestica: “Balmy Days, Sweet Sangria…”

As summer continues to scorch us, I am drawn, as always, to the fruitier alcoholic beverages.  One of my absolute favourites is sangria.

If you’ve never had sangria, the easiest way to describe it is “wine+fruit juices/pieces”.  Oversimplified, but it conveys the vibe of the drink.  Not only is it a way to drink many glasses without becoming ridiculously drunk early in the evening, it’s also incredibly tasty and refreshing.  Extra bonus:  it’s my favourite way to get rid of wine leftover from a day or two ago –  you know, when it’s still good but you can tell it’s not quite the same as it was when you opened it?

Life Hack has 11 recipes for sangria variants and all of them are making me thirsty.  Each has its own spin, allowing for you to choose the sangria that suits your mood.  Enjoy!

Starving students:  Got a half bottle of wine leftover from Friday?  Unable to hit the store or find fresh fruit, but craving a fix?  Sunday brunch it, half-assed and tasty.  Blend the wine on a 1:1 ratio with any fruit juice you have handy.  Fruitopia, Crystal Light (acai white peach flavour works well), anything berry-ish.  You end up with a fruity alcoholic drink that stretches the wine out for sharing.

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