Domestica: Cheap and Tasty Korean Chicken Recipe

When you’re on a budget, food can get pretty boring.  You find yourself eating the same thing over and over again, to the point where eating becomes a chore.  Not cool.

In the spirit of budgets, here’s a recipe I was given six years ago, passed on from a soldier’s son.  He’d picked it up from locals while over in Vietnam.  The ingredients are pretty basic, but the end result is uber tasty.


Take one to two bottles of low sodium soy sauce (one works fine up to four large breasts; low sodium is CRUCIAL), a teaspoon of crushed red pepper, one medium onion (chopped), one clove of garlic (finely chopped) and half a stick of butter or margarine (unsalted is best – the soy has plenty of salt).  Combine in a medium pot.

Bring the sauce to a boil and then simmer for at least ten minutes so that the onion and garlic pieces become tender.

Take a baking dish and put in thawed boneless chicken breasts. Pour the sauce over the chicken breasts once it’s finished simmering. The simmering sauce will cook the outside of the chicken a bit and that’s fine.

Place in fridge and let it marinate from an hour to overnight. I suggest and recommend overnight cause the longer it’s marinated, the better.  I’ve found that at least two hours works best.

Now you can either grill the chicken breasts and use the leftover sauce to baste or you can place the baking dish in the oven and cook at around 300 to 350 degrees til the chicken breasts are cooked all the way through. Cooking time depends on how many
breasts are being prepared. I’ve always baked the dish personally, but my recipe source has grilled in the past.

Voila!  Serve with rice or salad.  I often chop the baked breasts up and serve it stir-fry style.

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