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Domestica: Cleaning (Overpriced Fragile Stained) Bras

Sorry guys, sometimes these tips are for the female-identified.  The gorgeous drag queens I know probably possess these skills, much to my shame.

Bras are expensive.  Guys always ask, “Why do women have so few bras compared to panties?” in my circle, and I’m always answering, “I can get eight pairs of panties for twelve bucks.  Bras are forty EACH if you’re lucky.  Enough said.”  It’s disgusting.  It’s highway robbery, as the saying goes.  Oh sure, if you’re lucky to have smaller breasts (no bigger than a 36C), you may get to score $10 and $20 bras at sales now and then.  Ironically, the bigger you are (and the more essential a bra), the worse you’re pillaged.  No one makes cheap bras for a 40DD (trust me, I know).  You’re stuck going to Victoria’s Secret, where it’s a miracle if they even STOCK a DD of any band size.  No, somehow you’re expected to order them by mail, pay shipping charges too, and guess what?  You might hate the fit, or the look, because strangely, I’ve found that the bigger my cup size gets, the more bras seem to want to flatten my cleavage.

Enough ranting:  you came here to clean a bra.  Because the things are so damn expensive and fragile, you want to keep them beautiful and make them last.

Sweat stains, deodorant stains, red wine on the white bra – you name it, it happens.  There’s a reason I prefer black bras.  Minimal issues.  However, lighter tops require lighter bras, alas.  Recently, I had a bra that I just could NOT get a stain out of.  I’d worn it to an outdoor music fest in the summer’s boiling heat.  Enough said.

Thankfully, I found this link, which helped do wonders for my bra.  A little Oxyclean treatment in the mix and voila!  Good as new.  Precious $50 cargo saved!

Ladies, the things we suffer through to look and feel good…  While male executives rob us blind.

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Domestica: “Balmy Days, Sweet Sangria…”

As summer continues to scorch us, I am drawn, as always, to the fruitier alcoholic beverages.  One of my absolute favourites is sangria.

If you’ve never had sangria, the easiest way to describe it is “wine+fruit juices/pieces”.  Oversimplified, but it conveys the vibe of the drink.  Not only is it a way to drink many glasses without becoming ridiculously drunk early in the evening, it’s also incredibly tasty and refreshing.  Extra bonus:  it’s my favourite way to get rid of wine leftover from a day or two ago –  you know, when it’s still good but you can tell it’s not quite the same as it was when you opened it?

Life Hack has 11 recipes for sangria variants and all of them are making me thirsty.  Each has its own spin, allowing for you to choose the sangria that suits your mood.  Enjoy!

Starving students:  Got a half bottle of wine leftover from Friday?  Unable to hit the store or find fresh fruit, but craving a fix?  Sunday brunch it, half-assed and tasty.  Blend the wine on a 1:1 ratio with any fruit juice you have handy.  Fruitopia, Crystal Light (acai white peach flavour works well), anything berry-ish.  You end up with a fruity alcoholic drink that stretches the wine out for sharing.

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DVD Blog-entary: The Breakfast Club

While I may have come away only half-impressed by the John Hughes documentary Don’t You Forget About Me (and also embarrassed that people from my city thought stalking a film director wise), the one thing their film properly conveys is the love for and universal appeal of the man’s films.  My sister, for example, is thirteen years younger and she loves these films as much as I do.  My parents allowed me to watch them as a small child right when they came out, and I credit their relaxed attitude to pop culture (this flick is rated R; I was maybe 7 years old) as the reason for my enthusiasm and diversity in tastes, as well as being a pretty well-adjusted teen.  I didn’t drink much as a teen; I was allowed at home, anyway.  I didn’t smoke.  I didn’t do drugs.  I feared pregnancy enough to leave full-on sex for university (not that I was that old, entering frosh year at 17).  You get the picture though:  I had fun, did some not-so-great things the parentals know nothing of, but I ultimately made decent choices and valued the things that truly matter:  education (book and street smarts), music, friendship and enjoying life as much as possible.

I honestly can’t remember which film I saw first (I think it was Ferris Bueller’s Day Off but it could be The Breakfast Club) but this is the one that is forever my favourite.  I never get tired of it.  I spent three months straight watching it before bed each night during a wicked run of insomnia.  I often list it as a go-to film.  What makes it so magical?  The honesty.  The language of youth.  The music.  The acknowledgement of the generation gap between teens and teachers.  The fact that each of us can relate to at least one character (I relate to all of them, one way or another).   Most importantly, look at this film:  no special effects, no action sequences, no real change of scenery.  This it literally a film set in a library and it is held up strictly by dialogue and pitch-perfect acting.

Seriously, you’re dead to me if you don’t at least like this film.  Because to me, that means you have no heart.  Like Allison says, you’ve grown up and your heart has died.

Without further accolades, let’s dive in to one of my top ten flicks of all time, The Breakfast Club.

Press Play

  • Yesssssss…..  Simple Minds.  The band that didn’t initially want to do this iconic tune, namely because the original lyrics kinda sucked.  They changed the verses and added the la-la outro riffs and music history was made.  I cannot hear this song without seeing the end of this movie.  Impossible.
  • And then, more music awesome:

  • Trivia:  for years, I confused Anthony Michael Hall with Anthony Rapp’s performance in Adventures In Babysitting…  I figured it out in my late teens.  Oops!
  • I love that this film is honest.  Teens threw the word ‘fag’ around like an insult.  Hughes employs it in writing on a locker.  It’s just how the world is in the early 80s.
  • I love the intro lectures in the cars that reveal half the story in each student’s case, but leave you wondering what the hell they all did.  Bender’s my favourite, though, although I’ve lived through Brian and Andrew’s lectures.
  • In the trivia, it’s revealed that it was Judd Nelson who decided that Bender would sit “wherever Brian sits”.  This is why Judd Nelson is boss.
  • *snicker* Oh, Claire!  You belong here alright.  Sorry, Princess.
  • Okay, hands up if you’ve ever heard of 9 hours of detention.  Because I haven’t.  That’s cruelty!
  • Vernon is so evil… and yet, he’s so hilarious.  This film wouldn’t work without him.
  • And that chewing sound, ladies and gents, is Allison!  Say hello, honey!
  • Bender’s line to Allison, “I’ve seen you before, you know,” is very telling…  since no one sees Allison.  And Bender knows it’s exactly what to say to get under her skin.
  • Bwahahahaha!  Brian tried to see Bender’s package.
  • The way Vernon yells from across the hall reminds me of scolding cats.  Lazy discipline FTW!
  • I love the discussion between Bender, Claire and Andrew where he tears down their precious popularity and belief that they’re great! decent! people! and he’s the problem.
  • Brian is so cute, babbling his academic clubs.  I was a high school Math tutor.  Props.
  • “So it’s sorta social.  Demented and sad, but social.”
  • The first half of this film is Bender deconstructing the social hierarchy and establishing their commonalities.  And Brian is loving it, jumping in to jeer at Andrew wearing tights.
  • The first test of loyalty lines:  Bender yanks the screw and waits to see if anyone rats him out.  Of course, no one does, because no matter how much they may dislike each other, they dislike authority more.

  • “She doesn’t talk sir!”  *squeak*
  • I don’t think Bender’s had such fun in detention.
  • The infamous “Eat my shorts!” banter…  I’ve had this discussion with my mother far too many times – well, before I cut her out of my life.  Sometimes, acting like you don’t care is the only weapon left with irrational people.  Especially irrational people who say “cracking skulls” often enough to be predictable.

  • Claire’s wetting herself watching Bender; Brian’s popping a boner for her.  Oh, what a triangle!
  • I love Allison, but seriously honey, HEAD AND SHOULDERS!

  • Barely 90 minutes in and they’re all passed out.  Nice.
  • Bwahahaha.  “Ha!” Allison is awesome.  But Bender’s “STFU Andrew” snark is even better.
  • Brian, really?  You REALLY think you can break up a wrestler and a tough guy?
  • “Dork, you are a parent’s wet dream, okay?”
  • Dude, do NOT call Claire fat!

  • Sexual harassment:  apparently, it’s the way to her heart.  I love that no one intervenes, including tough guy Andrew, until she’s super uncomfortable.
  • Brian’s face as he watches Bender and Andrew fight is awesome.  He’s like a little child watching his parents fight.
  • …. And no one notices Allison steal the knife.  Which we never see her give back.
  • “I’m trying to help her.”  The funny thing is, Bender means it.  He’s trying to get her to stop being pretentious and just be real.
  • The janitor is my hero and he is NOT LYING.  In my high school, my one friend who was seriously screwed in the head flirted with the janitors… and in their office, she saw that they had discarded letters and photos they’d picked from the garbage.  Pictures of teen girls and their notes.  And somehow, no1curr.

  • “I’ve seen her dehydrate sir.  It’s pretty gross.”  LOLZ.  What does that even mean?
  • “What do you drink?”  “Vodka.”  Allison’s pathological lying is awesome.
  • “His nuts would ride shotgun.”  DEAD
  • Niagara Falls.  LOLZ.  Canadian side props.
  • Lunch time!  I love that when this film was made, sushi was…. WTF?  Now, you can buy it to-go in every damn supermarket and in the food court of a mall.

  • The twisty fingers of the Brian impression that Bender does…  I can’t.  I die every time.  “Aww, but I have homework to do!”  “That’s alright son, you can do it on the boat!”  “Gee!”
  • “Shut up bitch!  Go fix me a turkey pot pie!”  And this would be where the ‘get in the kitchen’ jokes come from…
  • I wanna give Bender a hug.  He finally tells a little something about himself and they all think, “Wow.  Maybe we suck.”
  • Oh snap!  Breaking da’ law!

  • Claire is sooooo excited.  Because my God, she wants to be bad!  Followers, the lot of them.  The funny thing is, Allison is only following to watch them.

  • Allison’s look at Bender is adorable… Because I’m betting she knows they’re going the wrong way too and she doesn’t want Bender to screw them over.

  • Yup.  Screwed.
  • Vernon, you need to hit the gym, dude!
  • Um, where did the random white sneaker come from?
  • Vernon reaches for something Bender would care about…. “What if your dope was on fire?”
  • He’s not lying.  It’s in Brian’s underwear!
  • *snort*  $31K is apparently a fortune in the 80s.
  • You sir are scaring Bender and you are a coward for threatening a powerless teenager.  Go away now.  Boo!
  • I’m very bitter that the joke in the vent system was entirely made up and had no actual punchline.
  • The toilet seat cover…. perfection.

  • Wanna git high?  I think these kids do….  I’m a Brian-Bender combo when I *ahem* partake.

  • Again, the janitor knows all and is utterly amazing.
  • I love the purse/wallet swapping… I also love the unwrapped tampons that fall out of Allison’s bag.
  • Afghanistan, Allison?  Really?  No, sweetie.  No no.
  • Aww, look.  Andrew cares.  Bonding via being ignored.
  • “The kids haven’t changed.  You have.”  Ding ding ding!  The message to all adults watching the movie.
  • Truth or dare sharesies time!
  • The nymphomaniac part… I love this.  I love how Allison turns gender norms on their ass.
  • The ridiculousness of what Andrew did is what makes the story realistic.  I mean, our high school allowed seniors to duct tape grade nines to the walls during the welcome breakfast.  Authorized, supervised initiation.

  • This is the mantra of every teenager.  Even the most confident and content ones have that moment where they look in the mirror… and aren’t happy.
  • For the record:  I can make spaghetti, pick things up with my toes, probably tape your asses together and yes, I have actually tried and succeeded at applying lipstick with my breasts.  I’m shocked Molly manages without serious cleavage.

  • The one part of the movie I don’t get is Bender tearing Claire apart at this point.  I know it’s a means of pushing her away because he’s afraid of her, but still…  irks me a little.
  • Y’know, you don’t hate him.  I mean, you should be angry, but hey, we all know you’re gonna get with him.
  • I love Brian cursing out Claire.  And then I wanna cuddle him when he cries.  How can you not?  The poor guy… God.  I understand.  I grew up with parents like his.  Pressure happens to everyone… There is no easy life.  No easy circumstances.
  • Allison…. best answer.  “Nothing.  I didn’t have anything better to do.”
  • Alright, enough with the heavy.  Let’s dance!

  • And then, they take advantage of the nerd.  Assholes. LOL.
  • Allison looked better gothy.  Also, EW!  Bender used that brush on his teeth and now you’re putting it on Allison’s eyebrows?
  • No fair!  Brian doesn’t get a girl AND he does homework.
  • The janitor totes wants to get the dirty details from Bender next week.
  • And they’re free!  FREEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Fuck yeah!  Damn the man!  Er… that’s another movie.  One I’ll eventually Blog-entary.

A little less pic-tastic, because this movie is simply too… meaningful to spam.  Well, not TOO much spamming, anyway.  Tune in next week when I take on another Hughes film.  Which one?  I’ll never tell!

Sincerely yours,

Butterflies and Hurricanes

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Domestica: Cheap and Tasty Korean Chicken Recipe

When you’re on a budget, food can get pretty boring.  You find yourself eating the same thing over and over again, to the point where eating becomes a chore.  Not cool.

In the spirit of budgets, here’s a recipe I was given six years ago, passed on from a soldier’s son.  He’d picked it up from locals while over in Vietnam.  The ingredients are pretty basic, but the end result is uber tasty.


Take one to two bottles of low sodium soy sauce (one works fine up to four large breasts; low sodium is CRUCIAL), a teaspoon of crushed red pepper, one medium onion (chopped), one clove of garlic (finely chopped) and half a stick of butter or margarine (unsalted is best – the soy has plenty of salt).  Combine in a medium pot.

Bring the sauce to a boil and then simmer for at least ten minutes so that the onion and garlic pieces become tender.

Take a baking dish and put in thawed boneless chicken breasts. Pour the sauce over the chicken breasts once it’s finished simmering. The simmering sauce will cook the outside of the chicken a bit and that’s fine.

Place in fridge and let it marinate from an hour to overnight. I suggest and recommend overnight cause the longer it’s marinated, the better.  I’ve found that at least two hours works best.

Now you can either grill the chicken breasts and use the leftover sauce to baste or you can place the baking dish in the oven and cook at around 300 to 350 degrees til the chicken breasts are cooked all the way through. Cooking time depends on how many
breasts are being prepared. I’ve always baked the dish personally, but my recipe source has grilled in the past.

Voila!  Serve with rice or salad.  I often chop the baked breasts up and serve it stir-fry style.

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DVD Blog-entary: Labyrinth

Hello, Blog-entary fans (or random blog visitors)! It’s Friday, which means it’s blog-entary day.  What’s that, you ask?  Simply put, I watch a movie and type whatever nonsense thoughts and trivia come into my head, perhaps slap in some GIF-spam and call it a post.  You watch along, or just snark along.  Easy, right?

This week, since Footloose was so much fun, I’ve gone with another nostalgic favourite:  Labyrinth.

Also known as the movie that starred David Bowie’s package or the movie that made us all lust for/want to be him, Labyrinth is one of the films I’ve seen at least a hundred times.  It never gets old, and it’s not simply because Bowie is insanely hot in leather pants.  Who doesn’t relate to wanting to escape life?  Who actually enjoys babysitting their siblings?  Wicked stepmother?  A classic!  The music is fun and it features Jim Henson creations.  Really, what more do you need?

Grab a drink or two, grab a snack perhaps, and settle in as I watch a timeless tale of dangers untold and Goblin City.

Press Play

  • Our story begins, like Harry Potter, with an owl…. named Hedwig.  Okay, I’m making that up, but since Hedwig is pretty fucking awesome, the owl that is Jareth is now Hedwig.

  • God, how intelligent were these filmmakers?  Not only did they cast Bowie, but they let him write and sing all the songs.  Mrrowr!  (What?  I have an unnatural love of Bowie in this movie.  Get used to it – and his balls.  The glass ones, pervs.)
  • Frolicking baby Jennifer Connelly is so ridiculously young.  She looks like an extra from a Florence + The Machine video, which makes her fashion forward and awesome.
  • Oh crap!  You’re late for baby slave duty!  Run, Sarah!  Run so we can have a rainy montage to more Bowie!
  • I love how Sarah gives no fucks about running through people’s yards.
  • Bitch!  God, her stepmother even has the cliche french twist.  She’s also a cow for sending the dog into the garage.  Why do you have pets if you don’t want to care for them properly?
  • Anthem cry of all teens:  “I can’t do anything right, can I?”
  • Stepmommy, maybe she treats you like a fairy story character because her entire room is decked out in freaking fantasy paraphernalia?
  • God, she is so whiny!  She hates it when they talk to her, she hates when they don’t, she hates babysitting because it interferes with the dates she doesn’t have because she’s actually DJ Tanner (I mean, check the clothes now:  Full House, baby!).

  • Denial, Candace.  Moving on.  Why is this baby dressed like Waldo?

  • You know, this story isn’t impressing Toby.  Maybe read him some quality writing *snort* like Fifty Shades of Grey *flails and dies at association of “quality” and “Fifty Shades Of Failtastic Fanfiction”.

  • Wish it, girl!  Hedwig-Jareth is listening!
  • Seriously?  Aren’t you a fan of this damn play?  Get the lines right, you failed actress-to-be.
  • God, even the goblins think you’re dense.
  • Maybe this kid is colicky.  Maybe you should drug him.
  • And with a magic click of the light switch, bye-bye baby!
  • Yeah, the baby’s going to just answer your question.  “I’m not crying because a dude with a huge package picked me up and took me home.”
  • Hedwig!  Yeah!
  • Man, she sucks at observation!  How do her parents trust her to watch her navel lint, never mind a baby?
  • Sparkling!Bowie arrives, and the swooning begins.  “Go to your room and play with your toys.  I wanna watch.”

  • Why is she crying over the baby now?  Like, crocodile tears much?
  • Half these goblins look like deranged chihuahuas.
  • “Oh fine!  Here, try and solve it since you won’t be my Lolita!”

  • “It doesn’t look that hard.”  That’s what she said.
  • Bwahahaha:  and after a grown man pervs on a teenager, we meet Hoggle, who’s taking a leak.  This movie is great children’s fare!

  • “Oh, excuse me!”  *shake dry*  “Hello, baby!  I’d love to help you, but I’m busy killing Tinkerbell’s cranky sisters.”
  • The running gag with everyone butchering poor Hoggle’s name is awesome.  It’s not even a hard name.  First pun:  Horrible.
  • Again, it’s not that hard but she couldn’t find the door.  Uh huh.  Sarah, you talk a lot of smack.
  • Name two:  Hogwart.  And with that, she steps into the labyrinth to chase down the baby she wished away. Because she loves him now, or something.
  • You can tell Jareth is GLAMOROUS! because even the trees sparkle in this place.
  • Next, Sarah meets a British worm, who of course does what anyone with a British accent would do:

  • The best part of this sequence is that Sarah the know-it-all doesn’t bother to ask why.  Why should she go this way and not that way?  Why does she rush off?  It makes me laugh every time she screws herself into the long way to the castle.
  • I love her lipstick arrows.  It’s actually clever, aside from the whole unfair spinning tiles courtesy of the goblins.
  • And now, the very best part of the whole damn movie:  Magic Dance.  You know what that means, right?  Dance, everyone!

  • After our dance interlude, Sarah throws another temper tantrum about the unfairness of a villain’s labyrinth, tries to solve a riddle and fails, and falls into an oubliette.  You go, girl!
  • Hoggle gets sent to trick her into heading back to the beginning.  It’s hilarious since he obviously has a boner for Sarah (are pretty girls rare in this kingdom or what?) and yet, he reluctantly tries to be evil.  Instead, he starts helping her, acting all concerned and caring…
  • I love the false alarms, especially the one that begs to say his line because it’s been so long.
  • And then, Jareth appears.  He’s not happy that Hoggle is macking on his woman and wearing her class pin bracelet.  You can tell he’s not happy because his package is in plain sight but not… hard.

  • Name three:  Hedgewart.  Bwahahaha.  Dude should get a name change.
  • Of course, Sarah’s gotta be a know-it-all again and call the labyrinth a piece of cake.  “Nah nah, less hours for you, bitch!  By the way, here comes a bad-ass boulder creation to kill you.  Kisses, bye!”

  • Jareth is starting to doubt Sarah’s commitment to Sparkle Motion.
  • “Just what we need:  a ladder.”  “What for?”  “Oh, uh…. escape, yeah!”
  • Sarah is totes in the wrong.  Stealing his jewels after he took her as far as he could, just as he promised.  Y’know, this movie is non-stop testicles:  balls, jewels, Bowie’s package on display…
  • “It’s so stimulating being your hat.”
  • Oh yay!  Ludo time!  Poor beast.  He’s being attacked by Goblins with rabid living fetus critters for weapons.  Speaking of:  um, wtf?
  • Hoggle is the only one with common sense:  “She’ll never get to the centre!”  Without others leading her, she really wouldn’t ever make it.
  • Dude, even the cobwebs sparkle in Jareth’s world.

  • Speaking of Jareth, he is really not happy that all of these people keep helping this girl. They’re ruining his plans for a new goblin minion and a hot piece of ass.  But hey, he’s got a plan.  A peachy-keen one, made from his ball.  The crystal one, pervs!


  • Now that we’re all sunshine and kittens, it’s time for the Fireys to show up to scare the crap out of Sarah and children alike.   This is our second dance montage, and it’s pretty awesome.  Chilly down!

  • Hoggle comes back and, of course, she kisses him in thanks, triggering Jareth’s magical promise to make him royalty of the stench variety.  At least we’re reunited with Ludo as a result.

  • Word, Ludo!   The trio manages to reach a lovely bridge, where an adorable fox named Sir Didymus awaits to be all Gandalf on their asses.

  • After some lame attempts by Hoggle to defeat the critter, Ludo picks him up and is not remotely bothered by his defenses.  However, Sarah is polite enough to grow a brain cell and simply ask permission to pass.  Access granted!  See, Jareth?  That’s all you gotta do.
  • Anyway, Ludo is friends with everyone, rocks included.  He asks his stony buddies to save them from walking in sewer water from the Middle Ages and Sarah is spared a fate worse than sex with a gym sock condom.  I’m pretty sure this bog hatched the toad that Lisa changes Chet into in Weird Science (end aside).
  • Now Sir Didymus and his steed, Ambrosius, have joined the labyrinth party. It’s an entourage for Sarah to whine at!
  • Notice how Toby is perfectly content in Jareth’s care.  He’s not a bad baby at all.  Sarah just sucks at childcare, probably because she’s an overgrown petulant toddler.
  • Hoggle caves and gives Sarah the peach and well…. it’s apparently laced with some serious hallucinogenics.

  • What does Jareth do?  Play with his balls, of course!

  • Sarah is transported to the Lolita Ball, a costume party where Jareth can mack on her all he likes while she forgets all about that stupid baby brother of hers.  He also gets to show off his package again, as well as his bedazzled jacket.

  • “O hai!  I’m the horny beast and that is not remotely a sexual innuendo because this is a family film.  Really!  Dance?”

  • “Um… should the world be spinning like this?  I can taste colours.”

  • After her horrible drug trip, she pulls a Jim Morrison and breaks on through to the other side.  She ends up in the garbage dump, which is where I’m sure at least a few drug users have ended up after a wicked ass party, and harasses a packrat goblin.  She suddenly realizes they’re kindred and Sarah is a hoarder in the making when it comes to Broadway World memorabilia and sets her up with a hunchback of junk.
  • Is it weird that I’m mildly annoyed that Sarah doesn’t put on her magic dress of Florence Welch-ness before leaving her room?  Her clothes are REALLY unappealing.
  • The something you were looking for is in Bowie’s pants!  It’s hard to miss, Sarah.
  • Oh, yeah:  the baby.  I guess you should save him
  • Hoggle realizes that the peach failed and knows that means Jareth will NOT be happy and will likely castrate him, so he rushes off to ensure Sarah wins and he gets to keep his jewels.
  • Sir Didymus is the worst knight ever.  No sense of stealth.
  • Bad ass Transformer time!  Or is it a Megazord or whatever it is the Power Rangers drive around?
  • Sarah really shouldn’t forgive Hoggle,  I don’t care if he did hijack a Megazord.
  • Welcome to the Goblin City, which is really just a slum for Smurfs, best I can tell.
  • Jareth calls out the guard…. and uh, shouldn’t the lazy bastards have been out guarding all along?  I mean sure, Sarah sucks at solving labyrinths, but why take any chances, right?
  • The Goblins fail horribly at defending the castle.  Jareth realizes that he has a staff of stupids and is very unhappy.  Why is Sarah not mesmerized by his balls?

  • The gang manages to use the magic of Ludo’s rock calls and arrives at the castle, where Sarah suddenly remembers that all of this is based on a goddamn play she reads every day and tells them, “I gotta do this on my own, peeps!  Chill here.”  Y’know, why didn’t she just remember the story and know the way through the stupid labyrinth?

So Jareth’s hidden the baby in a maze within the castle and Sarah is unamused.  It does provide Bowie with an excuse to sing a lament about Sarah’s lack of love for him (and ungrateful attitude towards his wish fulfillment efforts).

  • “Peek-a-boo!”

  • “Bitch! You suck!  You’re seriously choosing a baby over ME?  I’m DAVID BOWIE!  IN LEATHER!”
  • This is ridiculous.  A baby is outrunning you Sarah.  And now he’s suicidal and ready to jump to his death to avoid you.  He hates you, Sarah.
  • Bowie changes outfits again, going for one last assault with his package.  These pants are ridiculous.  I’m surprised Sarah can look him in the eye, never mind recite the play.  He even offers her another (crystal) ball to try and shake her gaze downward!
  • It works:  she blanks on the line again.
  • “You have no power over me!”  Oh noes!  The magic repellant!  Jareth is banished into Hedwig form and delivers Sarah and the baby home in time for parental arrival.  The baby’s finally asleep, Sarah.  Yet another favour the Goblin King did for your whiny ass.
  • Sarah packs away her preciouses and suddenly hallucinates her new BFFs in the mirror.  Who needs toys when you have LSD, right?  Party time!

And with one last reprise of Underground, we’re out with a flapping of Hedwig’s wings!

Thanks for joining me again for a musical picspam and ramble.  I try to do these every Friday, time permitting.  Hey, did you know that Toby is related to one of the filmmaker people?  Credits are informative.  ANYWAY, stay cool like Bowie and feel free to suggest future blog-entaries.  I’ll catch you later.

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