Domestica: Invest In Cool Cleaning Gadgets

In university, I stayed in residence for three years.  The residences at our campus were essentially 4-bedroom townhouses, with locking bedrooms and shared common areas.  It was pretty awesome and cost efficient:  no meal plans, since we had a full kitchen.  You can live off $28/week if you really try, by the way.  *innocent whistle*

Anyway, once a month our advisors would come in and check our units and give us hell if they weren’t spotless.  Why they felt this compulsive need to babysit our bathrooms, I don’t know.  Maybe they felt it was wiser than waiting until the final check-out examination and discovering a unit was completely destroyed?  The phase of residence I was in was also used in summer, so it needed to be good to go year round.  Yes, I went to university year round, and it was awesome, because I did a five-year program in four years, with the bare minimum course load for full-time status.  I still got three weeks off, too.

ANYWAY depending on your advisor, these monthly checks could be rather tiresome.  You’re busting your ass for your midterms and then boom!  Scramble to scrub the mold off the shower tiles because you’ve all been lazy and also, the bathroom’s so old it practically attracts dirt.  I was fortunate to mostly have roomies who would agree to a weekly cleaning schedule on rotation, with the “week off” being putting the garbage and recycling out Thursday morning.  However, the checks always seemed to fall when I had the bathroom and well…. my roomies never competently maintained it.  Result:  two hours of taking a specially reserved toothbrush to the grout and hurting my back.

Learn well from my lessons:  don’t cheap out on cleaning supplies.  Get gadgets and products that actually work.  Save time and pain.

For example, acquire a telescopic shower tile and tub cleaner.  This one gives you an idea of what I mean.  My future mother-in-law bought me one two years ago and I LOVE HER SO MUCH.  I spray mildew cleaner every few weeks or otherwise opt for the usual bathroom cleaner, let sit for a few minutes then la-la-la, glide the brush over the tiles.  I do the same with the tub then hit the shower on, rinsing and sloshing the water around with the brush.  Less than five minutes versus the 30-40 spent in university.

Money well spent, my friends.

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