Domestica: Jeweled Rice Recipe

I absolutely love rice.

As a kid, I used to make myself bowls of rice – just rice – for lunch, devouring them with soy sauce.  As an adult, I broke free of my mother’s devotion to Minute Rice and discovered a world of rice:  jasmine; basmati; arborio (technically a pasta); bamboo-wrapped sticky rice.  Gah!  Rice is a miracle food.

When I learned of my wheat intolerance (which I ignore in the name of certain foods – oops!), I began to research new recipes without the evil grain.  Of course, I came back to rice.  How could I not?  That’s when I found this recipe.

I won’t lie to you:  it takes a significant amount of prep time.  However, it makes a ridiculous quantity you can enjoy all week.  Y’know, if you like rice as much as I do.  The blend of sweet and spicy flavours truly makes it.

Voila!  Jeweled Rice!

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