Domestica(-ish): How Not To Be THAT Customer

Sometimes, a gal just doesn’t have any fucks to give when it’s time to make dinner.  If she’s lucky like me, she looks at her “burns Kraft dinner” husband and pouts, which means he takes her out or orders in.  Everything is beautiful and no dishes are dirtied.

(Yes, I’m excited about The Perks Of Being A Wallflower.  Aren’t you?)

Anyway, I thought I’d draw your attention this week to a couple of blogs specializing in the special hell that is being a server in a restaurant/bar.  Learn from these wise snarky people how to be a GOOD customer – the kind that gets special treatment and is remembered with a smile when entering Boston Pizza for the 7726823672673th time in four years.

Jim Treliving should hire us and give us free food for all the cash we blow there.  Anyway…

First up, the blog of a Red Lobster server somewhere in the US.  I love Red Lobster.  When we go, it’s when we have MONEY and want to blow it on enough food to take home a second meal and snag biscuits for the morning after.  This blog is brilliant.  I stumbled onto it while trying to find out when Lobsterfest was on.

Red Lobster Blog

Second, a blog about a chain that shall remain nameless due to the fact I know the person in question.  She sees crazy shit and reports back on it, and also reblogs classics like Clerks 2.  Bless her.  She’s just getting started.

Retail Goddess

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