TV Blog-entary: Bones S5Ep5

I’m super busy with publication of my first novel, so here’s a quickie:  my latest episode of Bones in my mission to finally watch this awesome series!

Obviously, this could be spoilerrific, so if you’re behind like me…. well, GO WATCH BONES.

  • Oh God, typical security guard of quality:  ping! ping!  Sadly, having worked security for five years, this is pretty typical.
  • Poor Booth.  Actually, no, Booth has had his chance to confess to Brennan for years.  If you don’t move in, your superiors will, dude.  Bones is a hottie.
  • The best part about Brennan is her blunt approach to sex… which, in turn, makes Booth squirm.
  • You know, I have slowly grown to enjoy Lance Sweets.  I hated him for the entire first season he appeared on the show, but he’s grown on me.  It helps he’s a fellow U of Toronto alumni.
  • I do not, however, enjoy his girlfriend.  I HATE DAISY.
  • Mummy!  Ra!  *snicker*
  • I can’t help but dance like an asshole to the theme song.  Truefax.
  • Okay, Daisy reeling herself in is just creepy.  Like, Sybil-ish.
  • Bwahahaha: Brennan and Daisy are fangirling themselves.
  • Assistant DirectorHorker needs to STFU and GTFO.  NOW.  Stop interfering with my OTP!
  • “If she attacks, he can put her down.”  Angela is the ‘me’ of this show.
  • I’m pretty sure Brennan and Daisy are going to have a lesbian affair on top of these bones.
  • Bones quoting a classic movie is just….  wow.
  • Daisy just told Sweets off.  OMFG I take it back: I could like her a little.
  • Ginger Diorama Boy.
  • Shit just got real!
  • Bones is wearing dressier clothes lately… this dress is pure sexy.
  • “The urine of a redhead boy.”  And this is why I love Hodgy. OMFG.
  • Paintings inside a mummy.  Hmm…. Egyptian porno?
  • Okay Ms. Bitchypants, chillax.  It’s a LIGHT.
  • Bones, how DARE you take Hork-boy to Founding Fathers!  That’s where you’re supposed to have dates with Booth!
  • Also, judging from these identically designed yet differently coloured dresses and the way they hide the stomach, I must wonder in my spoiler-free bubble if Emily Deschanel is knocked up.
  • Angela, she’s not bright about love.  Tell her like a five-year-old.  Booth loves you, dummy.
  • It’s taken three seasons but I no longer hate Cam.  I just find her irritating in large doses.
  • I want to snuggle Booth.  It’s so painfully obvious that in spite of his own lines of professional relationships from eons ago, he’s been in love with Brennan for years and in utter denial.
  • UNF!  So much UST!
  • Oh boohoo, cry me a river over your retirement.
  • Ewwwwwwww Lance/Daisy sex.  Judging hard.
  • NOOOOOOOOOOO cock-blocked! AGAIN.

And as usual, I am stomping my feet in frustration and driven to keep watching.  Netflix is how a girl watches 50 episodes in a week.  Addiction, folks.  This is my new X-Files.

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