Domestica: Making the best black bean chicken EVER.

My mister loves chicken in black bean sauce.  LOVES.  It’s one of his favourite dishes and frankly, it’s one of mine now too.  Why, you ask?

I’ve found an amazing and authentic recipe, that’s why!

Click on through and behold a from-scratch recipe for shrimp with black bean sauce that can easily be adapted to other meats.  I’ve done shrimp and chicken together, just shrimp, just chicken…  It always comes out tasty as hell.  Warning: your pan will likely need a serious scrub afterwards, but whatever.

My personal tips and hints:  if you like more sauce to toss onto your rice, and a thicker sauce to boot, do this:  triple the called-for amounts of black beans, oyster sauce, soy sauce, sugar and corn starch; double the amount of chicken stock.   If minimal sauce is your thing, reduce the called-for stock by 1/4 to yield a thicker sauce.  Cooking-wise, definitely cook the veggies solo first and toss in a few spoonfuls of sauce to really infuse the flavour into the entire final dish. Last, I don’t simply mash the beans, but instead toss them into my mini food processor and hit chop a few times.


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