Domestica: Cleaning Burned Crap Off A Steel Pot

In this weekly feature, I share recipes and household tips & tricks that I probably should have learned in my youth, but didn’t bother to pay attention…. Or, alternately, just useful domestic information for the domestically disturbed.

So, in recent years, I finally learned to make a bad-ass beef stew.  I’ll share that recipe some time, but for now, let’s focus on the problem I have almost every single time afterwards:  a scorched pan due to the braising process.  Don’t ask me why it goes poorly; all I know is that the final stew tastes fabulous.

You’ve got a steel pot and the oil’s left a layer of blackness that is so thin it seems a permanent new colour for the thing.  Scrub all you like with basic soap and water – it laughs maniacally at your efforts and your aching wrists.

Voila!  A solution that works!

I find the vinegar alone is usually enough, but the baking soda is good for the uber disasters.  Household items, easily accessible, life made simpler.  Ta-da!

Also note:  any vinegar will do in a pinch.  I’ve used both apple cider vinegar and malt vinegar when plain old white vinegar wasn’t available.  Acid is acid, my dears.  Half and half it, boil and let sit.  All better!

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2 thoughts on “Domestica: Cleaning Burned Crap Off A Steel Pot

  1. Thomas Ross says:

    It’s a rainy afternoon here and I’m reading some new blogs and I find yours. Your “About Amber Waves” couldn’t be more intriguing. And horror movies mixed with how to clean burned crap off steel pot and then there’s your “furbabies”? I’m in.

    • Amber Waves says:

      Welcome to my wild and whacked-out world! I promise to be spastic, entertaining and sometimes useful! The furbabies welcome you.

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