Books, Books, Books!

Whether I’m writing them or reading them, it’s book central here lately.  It’s a great feeling – reminds me of my teen years, where I’d dash out a novel in two months after homework and read dozens of books in a month.

I need to enjoy this right now, because once I’m full swing with the wedding, I can kiss a lot of this free time goodbye!

I have several books on the go right now (check the Reading List tab under Pop Culture Challenge!) and mainly, this is because of my Kobo Vox.  I love it to pieces except for one annoying aspect: I can’t search for a title in my library, which means that if I want to hunt down a book with a title like Suzy Two-Toes and the author is Fakey Thespian, I have to scroll… and scroll…. and scroll….  Hey, I have over 1000 books on the thing!  I like variety, okay?

However, a glorious thing is the book “collage” of the five most recently added titles OR the five you’ve most recently opened.  Solution: I hunted down five books I’d like to read soon, opened them and bam!  Collage of next set of reads!  I’m such a nerd I chose all different categories: psychological thriller; true crime; ‘thinking’ book; humour; and a title from the Banned Books Challenge.  Voila!

In writing news, I’ve been pounding the keys on my novel and making serious progress, which pleases me greatly.  I’m ambitiously trying to finish the draft by the end of my reading week, if possible, with hopes of publishing it electronically before I finish school.  Can I do it?  Maybe…. maybe.

For now, stay tuned for my review of Chevy Stevens’ Still Missing (cliff notes: way better than We Need To Talk AboutKevin) and merhaps details of my novel!


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