12 Days of Netflix Finds: Jericho


Genre:  Television/Drama/Suspense
Rating:  4.5/5 Stars
Recommended To:  Fans of Lost, Dollhouse, Cloverfield
Special Warnings: Violence, a little gore, ‘end of the world’ themes that might upset some

Holy crap, it’s the final day of Netflix Finds (for now)!  For those who’ve been devoted in checking out my posts, thank you! I love you and write for your enjoyment on the days where I just want to be lazy and, well, watch Netflix.

For our final installment of 2011, I thought we’d end with a bang – as in, nuclear explosion.

Jericho is a television series more notorious for the fan devotion to keeping it alive than the content itself, which is a serious fucking shame.  I’m not done with this one yet, but it’s one of fiance’s favourite shows ever, and it’s a show I wish I’d watched hella sooner.

Jericho is Lost set in midwestern America, all in all – only less smoke monsters and flashbacks, and more conspiracy/political intrigue.  Skeet Ulrich (my 90s crush – nomm!) shines here as Jake Green, the black sheep son of Jericho’s mayor who slips into town to snag a few bucks from an inheritance, but never makes it back to his sunny home.  Why’s that?  Oh, you know, just a nuclear BOMB going off!

Yeah: Jericho pulls a Lost and shit gets real.

Jake makes it back to his hometown, and suddenly, the black sheep is the brave leader that no one realized he could be, beneath the criminal mischief and running away from everyone he ever knew and all that.  Need to hide from fallout? Jake’ll hide you safely in a mine, even if he has to blow up the entrance to seal you in from the elements.  Yeah, Skeet is bad-ass.

I don’t want to spoiler you too much, but there is a LOT of “tangled web we weave” madness that unfolds with every passing episode.  Mystery supply drops, incommunicado government, relationship triangles and army mercenary types… and the first season’s not even done!

While some might argue that Lost already did this story, there’s a lot that Jericho gets right/does a little better.  For starters, it’s so much easier to keep track of the characters and their subplots in Jericho.  The storytelling is more linear, and there are definite main characters and definite secondaries.  Jericho also calls for less suspended belief, and is more generous with answering mysteries – at least in part – than Lost ever was.  And I love Lost, so don’t get me wrong.  Jericho is doing something different here, beneath the surface, and it is great at it.

The best part about Jericho, I think, is that it’s believable: I can see this actually happening.  Add in the awesome writing of Stephen Chbosky (yes, he of The Perks of Being a Wallflower) and the fuck-awesome acting of Ulrich, Gerald McRaney and Lennie James (more recently seen in The Walking Dead and Hung), and you’re set for a weekend of marathoning.

Visit Jericho; this ain’t Dorothy’s Kansas, Toto.

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2 thoughts on “12 Days of Netflix Finds: Jericho

  1. My bf’s ex-roomate gave me this TV series for Christmas last year and I have not gotten around to watching it yet – I want to, though. I loved Lost and I always had a soft spot for Skeet Ulrich.

    I will miss your 12-days of Netflix – I hope you bring it back, at least sporadically, into the new year.

    • Amber Waves says:

      Oh definitely watch it – you’ll love it! Especially as a Lost fan…

      I’ll continue to post goodies for sure, but not daily – I’m aiming for weekly, though. We’ll see what school thinks of that, lol.

      <3 you so.

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