12 Days of Netflix Finds: The IT Crowd

The IT Crowd

Genre:  Television/Comedy
Rating:  4.5/5 Stars
Recommended To:  Fans of The Big Bang Theory; fans of geeky humour; computer nerds; fans of The Office/Clerks/other “damn the man” slacker comedies; Brit-Comedy fans
Special Warnings: Definitely not for little kids (it’ll go over their heads a lot anyway)

I often look at the top recommended titles for our Netflix account and am utterly baffled by their algorithms.  Titles come up that have nothing to do with our watch preferences, or are a great deal like something we’ve just trashed.  But sometimes, Netflix scores a goal; The IT Crowd is one such success story.

Half my DNA is British, so we checked this show out pretty quickly, quickly discovering it was hilarious – so much so that we devoured all 3 available seasons in a couple of days.

The premise: Jen is in desperate need of a job – a good one – but her resume is a little lacklustre.  Spotting a job involving IT – something she’s clueless about – at Reynholm Industries, she decides to fudge her skills and interview anyway.  To her credit, she sweet talks her way into a great job; unfortunately, it’s head of the IT Department, and resident geeks Roy and Moss see right through her.  But just as she needs them to explain the internet to her, they need her to show them how to relate to the rest of their coworkers, and perhaps earn a little respect from their grungy basement home.

Filled with computer-speak gags, The IT Crowd features all of the hilarity of The Big Bang Theory tucked into the IT world.  Moss truly makes the show with his social ineptitude wrapped in a lovable package; I just adore him, and I’m not the only one, given the brilliant Texts From Moss Tumblr that blends the best of TFLN with stills of the show. But maybe you should see for yourself just how much fun The IT Crowd can be?

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