12 Days of Netflix Finds: UHF


Genre:  Comedy
Rating:  4.5/5 Stars
Recommended To:  Fans of Weird Al, Seinfeld’s Kramer; people who enjoy feel-good yet goofy humour-loaded films (particularly the 80s flicks ie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off; people who enjoy light movies with a deeper message if you want it/no message if you prefer it
Special Warnings: None

I clapped like a little girl when this film showed up in the New Additions section of Netflix a while back.  It’s one of those movies that I love because it never tries to be more than it is, and it’s damn good at what it’s trying to do.  Plus, Weird Al Yankovic is a genius.

UHF tells the story of George Newman (Yankovic), a slacker dreamer who loses minimum wage job after job due to his daydreaming ways.  Specifically, George is obsessed with TV – think the classics:  Beverly Hillbillies; Leave It To Beaver; The Addams Family.  When George’s uncle wins a flailing local TV station in a poker game, his aunt convinces him to let George run it.  After all, it’s already a sinking ship of debt; how much worse can George make it?

Although things start rocky, George’s decision to have his janitor hosts a children’s show for a night turns the station into an overnight success.  Soon, little ol’ channel 62 is thriving – outdoing a rival VHF station.  And the owner of channel 8 will not stand for it… and will destroy channel 62, at any cost.

Filled with parodies, offbeat humour and a “little guy can make it” feel, UHF is a movie that makes you smile and laugh, and as a bonus, it’s family friendly.  Throw this on TV over the holidays and revel in the stellar cast.

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