12 Days Of Netflix Finds: Choose


Genre:  Suspense/Thriller
Rating:  4/5 Stars
Recommended To:  Fans of Saw; fans of horror/suspense
Special Warnings: Graphic violence; violence against women

Choose is a film I stumbled onto while browsing late at night, the IFC logo catching my eye.  Their films are hit and miss, but usually enjoyable, so I gave this one a go.

Fiona, a graduate student in journalism, lost her mother years ago to suicide; her police officer father lovingly jokes about them being enemies by profession, but is very protective of Fiona.  When a new case emerges, involving a young girl who is made to choose which of her parents the killer will murder before her, Fiona investigates, much to her father’s dismay.  It only grows as other victims are targeted, and the killer reaches out to Fiona, hinting that all is not what it seems…

This film is fun:  the premise is interesting, the scenes appropriately gruesome, and the acting isn’t terrible, either. If you’re a fan of this genre, you’ll guess at the ending about halfway through, but it’s still enjoyable to finish.  My only complaint is that the ending is sort of hokey at times, and somewhat WTF, but it’s still a great way to pass a few hours.

Now, choose

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