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Netflix Find: Girl 27

Girl 27

Genre:  Documentary
Rating:  3.5/5 Stars
Recommended To:  Those interested in media and pop culture, social constructions of violence, sexism, and gender, true crime story buffs
Special Warnings: centred on sexual assault including dramatizations from old films, graphic descriptions

Girl 27 was a film that came up randomly in the Documentary category on the Xbox app, and I decided to check it out late one night.  The story seemed intriguing:  a massive conspiracy allowed a rape to go unpunished, the survivor shamed and never given justice.  Given the time frame, even the accusation itself was bold to pursue.

I would have given this film a higher rating if the maker/narrator of the story wasn’t so full of himself, particularly in the first third of the film.  When he gets on topic, the documentary is well researched and juxtaposed cleverly with cinematic representations of sexual assault and the inherent sexism in the scripting.  The most moving part, and the reason I recommend the film, is the interviews with Girl 27, Patricia Douglas.

Douglas, an extra/dancer working for MGM, is called along with dozens of other women to a private ranch.  It’s disguised as a casting call, but the women have really been brought in to entertain the distribution sales team.  Drunk beyond drunk and showered with comments leading them to believe that they can have anything they want at this retreat, one man decides to take everything from Douglas: her dignity, her innocence, and later, her reputation.

The story is poignant, and sadly, we haven’t come very far in our treatment of sexual violence.  For that reason alone, Girl 27 is an important watch, but not for the faint of heart.

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Live Blogging: The Twilight Saga – Breaking Dawn Pt 1

I am an ironic Twilight fan, in that I wouldn’t call myself a fan of the books in the sense of “what amazing literature!” or “how wonderfully Meyer fleshes out the backstory for her secondary characters!”, but rather, “this is a gloriously bad soap opera that swings back around to enjoyable – especially with alcohol” girl.  This isn’t to slag anyone who’s a through and through fan; it’s just to preface what will come with an understanding that I view the series through the lens of sarcasm and LOLZ.

That said, Breaking Dawn is, by miles, my least favourite book of the Saga.  Aside from glorious exchanges between Rosalie and Jacob, I pretty much want to slap everyone for the entire first half, get mildly interested in the beginning of book 2, then roll my eyes at the end, shrieking, “REALLY?  That’s it?” and wishing there was more Alice and Alistair.

I don’t hold high hopes for the movies, then, but I am a completist.  Even though I loathed Eclipse, and still think New Moon is the best film (and book) of the series, I must see this one too.

Armed with pizza, wings, and a frightening amount of alcohol in my veins courtesy of drinking these (Adios, indeed!), I’m settling in to watch.  I’ll be randomly commenting on things I see as I go and posting the results, so enjoy the madness!

Live Blogged:  Breaking Dawn, Pt 1

  • Voice-over: KStew tells us to grow up; on screen: Jake wah wah fursplodes.  Beautiful.
  • “Does no one have vision?!”  Now THERE is the Alice we all know and love.  There has not been nearly enough fun with Alice in the series. As always, NEEDS MOAR ALICE.
  • I wonder if Edward ever gets pissed about that dreamcatcher still on her bed….
  • Rob, you’re a good guy, but you really don’t handle these Monologue-ward moments…  They’re always kinda wooden/odd.
  • Peeping Kellan!  Peeping Jackson!
  • In walks the Megabitch – er Rosalie… Cold as Ice plays in my head…
  • And of course, Alice is so adorable and could she please make an appearance in my life to molest or at least snuggle with kthxbi?
  • Charlie wins at everything.  Seriously, Billy Burke is 30% of my reason for watching these movies.
  • Okay, I have never seen a less enthusiastic bride.  Fer serial.
  • Ahhh!  Now she’s had her smoochie times, all better!
  • Yeah, totally do not buy this Tanya as able to make Bella jealous.  Fugly.
  • These speeches are why I am NOT having any speeches at my wedding.
  • CHARLIE. <3  OMFG love you.
  • Renee is LOLZ.  Get that bitch a karaoke machine.
  • The Jake scene…. I almost liked him…
  • For all of my criticisms of these movies, Billy and Kristen are perfect together in their scenes.
  • Edward totes gives her the sex eyes and bam! Bella is pregnant before the sexing.
  • Bella is having an existential crisis over something she’s been demanding forever. WTFuckery
  • Sex-crazed Bella is LOLZ
  • Vampire shock! Dun da dun!
  • “I wanna cooooooooooooooooooool rider!” *Jake rides in*
  • *swoon* Rosalie calling Jake a dog…  I’m serious – the unending barbs between them is the best part of the book IMO.
  • Okay, the whole doggie voiceover? So failtastic cheese.
  • Edward hits Yahoo; learns the facts of life. Carlisle wishes he’d thought to pack condoms.
  • Edward has a point: Bella is a total bitch for just storming on ahead, not caring about what her dying would do to Edward or the Cullens.
  • Mmmmmm bloodshake!  Om nomm nomm!
  • LMAO @ everyone mocking Renesmee.
  • OMG Bella looks so gross and yuck and Cryptkeeper and OMG BRB hiding face EWWWWWWWW!
  • Bloody baby is icky please bathe it now.
  • Older Renesmee is hot, just sayin’.
  • Oh, Edward…. Jacob imprinted…. so yay, no killing but um…. yeah. Poor guy.
  • “Don’t panic, Edward; she’s just too stoned to writhe. LOLLERSKATES!”
  • Execution for poor grammar=epic winning.

Et voila!  Part one of the last book is in the can…  And considering how meh the source material was, Condon did a good job.  My one bitch – and Rosenberg really is notorious for this – is the cutting of the Rosalie-Jacob barbs, like the dog dish and such.  It would have been much needed comic relief.  Then again, she has a tendency when adapting these books to cut small moments that, to me, are actually important (ex: Bella crying when she realizes Edward is taking her to prom, not changing her ass).  How the bitch does so well with Dexter, I do not know.

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Censorship: An Open Letter To YouTube

Dear YouTube,

There are many things about you lately that I am unhappy about – the forced Google account login, for example, that boots me from my main Gmail account, since my secondary one is connected to my YouTube profile; the new layout continues to make basic activities harder (why can’t I X out videos I’m not interested in or see my subscription updates by channel!?); and the general manipulation of your content by greedy corporations is also annoying.  But today, I have a bigger problem,

You are blatantly targeting and discriminating against a single YouTube channel, FLuffeeTalks.

In a video uploaded this week, FLuffeeTalks (hereafter shortened to Fluffee) advised his fans that the reason he’d stopped uploading videos to the channel is that he is under personal attack by YouTube.  All of his honours have been inexplicably stripped (including his #5 Most Subscribed – Canada, which means a lot to him), with the explanation being that the channel is “too inappropriate” to have honours.

Anyone who regularly watches the big content producers on YouTube and knows Fluffee’s channel is rolling their eyes out of their head right now with me.  Too inappropriate?  Are you serious?  What precisely is too inappropriate about Fluffee’s channel that makes him unique from other honoured YouTubers? I feel as a user of YouTube, whose clicks earn the site revenue and in effect, makes me a paying customer, you owe us all an explanation.

For those who haven’t watched FLuffeeTalks, the premise is simple:  Fluffee takes a current news story, and then chats about it for a few minutes.  Being a comedian, his approach is one of dark humour.  The overall message is always a positive one (ie, killing is bad; pedophiles are evil; parents should watch their children).  I personally think FLuffee is one of the best comics out there, and that he and Joe Rogan should go on tour, but I digress.

Here’s an example of a FLuffeeTalks video:

So he swears – big deal!  He’s hardly the only YouTuber to do that.  Plenty of music artists put up uncensored versions of songs.  ItsKingsleyBitch, another of my favourite YouTubers (can he also be on this Rogan/Fluffee tour?) curses all the damn time and has honours – hell, he lists his Occupation as Professional Cunt.  Case in point:

So YouTube, it can’t be FLuffee’s language that’s the problem; a ton of the big YouTubers cuss all the time, and no one cares.

Then, I thought, “They have a problem with Fluffee talking about smoking marijuana.”  Now, plenty of YouTubers make comments about drug use, etc. for comedic effect, so if this is the case, it’s total BS. RayWilliamJohnson – who, for reasons I don’t understand, is HUGE on YouTube – talks about drugs and hey, even fake-smokes a bong in this video, but he still has honours.

So, it’s not the swearing, and it’s not the drug talk…  Is it the content?  How can it be?  Again, only FLuffee is being singled out.  No inappropriate images are shown.  His joke video titles are no worse than sxephil’s titles (now HE deserves to be on top, not RWJ, but again, I digress).  Also, like good ol’ PhillyD, FLuffeeTalks is a news-based show – wherein the YouTuber chats about the news that stuck out in a way that can be humorous.  If anything, between the lines, Fluffee is promoting decent behaviour – sure, he makes harsh jokes along the way, but in discussing pedophiles, his take-away message is, “Watch your children and protect them!”  How is that bad?

Contrast that with the endless date rape jokes Ray William Johnson makes in almost every goddamn show – the reason why I got fed up and unsubbed from him.  Hear that, YouTube?  As a date rape survivor, THAT is offensive and shouldn’t be on the honours page.  THAT bothers me.

TheYoungTurks also talk news, sometimes in a dark humour way.  So, with sxephil, that’s at least two larger channels putting out similar content to FLuffeeTalks, and their honours are intact.

YouTube, you’re busted.  You obviously have an agenda here, and are targeting people for unknown reasons you’re masking as “inappropriate content”.  YouTube, you have some serious explaining to do.  Rules must be uniformly applied, or they are not rules – just personal biases. Censorship sucks, YouTube, and will not be regarded lightly.

Waiting for an explanation,


(I have also complained over at YT itself; join the thread here.)

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