Things I Will Not Do As A Bride: Dictate Hairstyles

With my own nuptials just over a year away and planning back in full swing, I’ve been de-stressing by reading and watching other brides that make me look like a Stepford Bride.  For kicks, every week I’m going to post a new video or two epitomizing all that I vow to not become (friends/family: if I do, please kick my ass).

For our first entry… I can’t even with this bitch.  Apparently she’s been bitching about her hair during this season of Bridezillas (I have never watched this show) and now today, she’s furious that a bridesmaid (I believe) won’t wear her hair up, because only the Pretty Princess Bride can have her hair down.  Bridesmaid doesn’t see the big fuss and a tantrum ensues in the clip…

Um… whoa.  I really don’t care what my bridal party does, as long as they stick to the loose rules for our theme and y’know, bathe. I’m wearing my hair up; if they wanna wear it down or spiked or blue, whatever!

I wish we got this show…. Because DAMN!  Ego boost central!

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